How To Call Older Brother In Korean

Calling an older brother in Korean is quite simple. You would use the word “oppa” which is a term of endearment for older brothers.

How To Call Older Brother In Korean

If you want to call your older brother in Korean, you can say “오빠” (appa).

– cellphone -korean language learning materials

  • Dial your older brother’s number
  • Pick up the phone
  • Wait for them to pick up say “안녕하세요, 에이

There are a few ways to say “older brother” in Korean, depending on the relationship between the two people. If the speaker is older than their brother, they would say “내 아버지” or “내 엄마” which both mean “my father” or “my mother”. If the speaker is younger than their brother, they would say “우리 아

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Korean Sisters Call Their Older Brother?

Korean sisters call their older brother “Oppa.”

How Do You Call An Elder In Korean?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the term for “elder” can vary depending on the context and region. However, a common term for “elder” in Korean is 어른 (eurun).

What Do You Call An Older Guy In Korean?

In Korean, an older guy is typically called 아줌마 (ajumma).

In Summary

When speaking to an older brother in Korean, use the formal term “oppa.” When addressing a younger brother, use the informal term “hyung.”

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