How To Change Language On Maps Iphone

Maps is a built-in app on the iPhone. It can be used to find directions and locations. The language can be changed on Maps by following a few simple steps.

How To Change Language On Maps Iphone

Apple Maps offers users the ability to change the language displayed on the map, allowing for easier reading and navigation. To change the language on your iPhone’s Maps app: 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 2. Scroll down and select Maps. 3. Tap on Language. 4. Select your preferred language from the list.

1. iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or higher installed 2. Google Maps app 3. Language set to English 4. Another language set to something other than English 5. Wi-Fi or cellular data connection

  • On your iphone, open the maps app
  • Left corner of the screen
  • Tap the menu button in the top
  • Tap “settings.” tap “maps.” under “language,” tap the language that

below: Maps on the iPhone are able to be changed to a different language. This can be done by opening the Maps app and going to Settings. Then, selecting the General tab and choosing Language. The desired language can then be selected from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Change Maps To Spanish On Iphone?

1. Go to Settings and select General. 2. Scroll down and select Language & Region. 3. Select iPhone Language and then change it to Spanish.

How Do I Change The Language On Apple Maps?

Apple Maps offers a variety of language options, which you can change in the app’s settings. To change the language on Apple Maps, open the app and go to Settings > General > Language. Here, you can choose a different language for Apple Maps.

How Do I Change The Voice On My Iphone Maps?

There is no voice control on the iPhone Maps app. The only way to change the voice is to change the language in your iPhone settings.

In The End

Changing the language on an iPhone map is a relatively simple process. First, open the Settings app and select General. Next, select Language & Region and then pick your desired language from the list. Finally, scroll down to the Maps section and make sure that the Map Language setting is switched to your chosen language.

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