How To Cheers In Russian

There is no one definitive way to say cheers in Russian. However, the word спасибо (spasibo) is perhaps the most common way to say thanks, and it can also be used as a toast. Other phrases that can be used as toasts include за вас! (za vas – “to your health”), ура! (ura – “hurray!”), and на зд

How To Cheers In Russian

When toasting in Russia, it is customary to make eye contact with each person at the table and say “Na zdorovie!” or “To your health!” It is also polite to wait until everyone has been served their drinks before beginning to drink.

-A Russian dictionary -A Russian phrasebook -Some friends to practice with

  • Look your drinking partner in the eye, and say “za vas!” (meaning “cheers to you!”
  • Hold a wine or vodka glass in your left hand, and extend your arm out to the side

There are a few ways to say “cheers” in Russian, but the most common one is на здоровье (na zdorovie), which means “to your health.” You can also say что бы вы пили (chto by vy pili), which means “what would you like to drink?” or simply пожалуйста

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Toast In Russian?

“You say toast in Russian by saying ‘Za vas!’ or ‘За вас!'”

How Do You Say Cheers In Russian Nostrovia?

The phrase “nostrovia” is Russian for “cheers.”

What Does The Toast Nostrovia Mean?

The toast Nostrovia is a toast to good health and happiness.

In The End

In order to cheers in Russian, you first need to learn how to say “cheers” in Russian. The word for “cheers” in Russian is собрание (sob-rah-NEE-eh). Once you know how to say “cheers” in Russian, all you need to do is say it before you drink your vodka or any other alcoholic beverage.

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