How To Pronounce Au Poivre

Au poivre is a French term for dishes that are served with pepper. The term can refer to meat, poultry, or fish that has been cooked with a black pepper sauce.

How To Pronounce Au Poivre

There is no one definitive way to pronounce “au poivre.” Most English speakers say “oh-PEEV,” with a hard “p” sound. Other common pronunciations include “ah-PWIV” and “O-PEEV.” The key is to go with the pronunciation that feels most natural to you.

-A pepper mill -Freshly ground black pepper -A steak or other protein

  • pronounce the “au” as in “taught” 2. pronounce the “poivre” as in “spice” 3. put them together to say “taught
  • Spice”

There is no one definitive way to pronounce the term au poivre. Some people say “oh-PEE-ver,” while others say “ohl-PEE-vur.” There is also a variation in which the “p” is pronounced like an “f,” making the word sound more like “off-PEE-ver.” Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide how they want to say it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pronounce Au?

When pronouncing the letter “au” in a word, you should make an “ow” sound, as in “cow.”

Can Au Make An O Sound?

Au can make an O sound if it is followed by a vowel. For example, the word “auto” begins with an Au and the “O” sound is pronounced.

How Do You Pronounce Au Poivre In French?

au poivre is pronounced like “oh pee-vair”


Au poivre is pronounced “oh-PWAH-vruh.” The au in this dish’s name refers to the addition of black pepper, and the poivre means “pepper” in French. This dish is made by coating a steak in a mixture of black pepper, flour, and butter, then cooking it in a hot pan.

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