How To Pronounce Genji Ult

Genji ult is a Japanese word that is pronounced as “juhn-jee oo-lt.” This word is used to describe the act of descending quickly and violently onto one’s enemies.

How To Pronounce Genji Ult

Genji is a Japanese name that is typically pronounced with a hard “G” sound, like in the word “George.” The exception to this would be if the person has a name that is spelled with a “J” instead of a “G.” In that case, the name would be pronounced with a soft “J” sound, like in the word “Jerry.”

There is no one definitive way to pronounce Genji ult. Some people say it like “gen-gee” or “jen-jee”, while others say it like “jenny”. Ultimately, it’s up to the player how they want to say it. However, some tools that may be helpful include a pronunciation guide and a Japanese dictionary.

  • Jeee oohlt” pretend you are saying the word “ultra” but with a “g” sound in front of it
  • Open your mouth wide and say “geh
  • Nee

– Genji is pronounced with a hard G, as in George. – The ‘ji’ is pronounced like the ‘gee’ in ‘geek’. – The ‘l’ is silent, so it is pronounced as if it were spelled ‘gengy’.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Genji’S Ult Say?

Genji’s ULT in Heroes of the Storm says “I am Genji, the dragon-slayer! The descendant of kings! Fear my blade!”

How Do You Pronounce Genji From Overwatch?

Genji is pronounced with a hard “g” sound, like in the word “game.”

How Do You Spell Genji?

The correct spelling of Genji is G-e-n-j-i.

In The End

Genji ult can be pronounced in two ways. The first way is to say “juhn-jee oh-ooh-tuh” and the second way is to say “juhn-jee yoo-tuh”. Whichever way you choose, make sure to enunciate all of the syllables clearly.

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