How To Pronounce Jorge In English

The name Jorge is pronounced “HOR-hay” in English.

How To Pronounce Jorge In English

There is no one definitive answer to this question. In general, the name Jorge is pronounced with a hard “j” sound, as in “jerk.” However, there are variations depending on the specific region where the name is used. For example, in Spanish-speaking countries, the name is often pronounced with a softer “h” sound, as in “hor-hay.”

To pronounce Jorge in English, you will need to know how to say the “J” and “R” sounds. To make the “J” sound, put your tongue behind your teeth and press it against the roof of your mouth. To make the “R” sound, curl your tongue so that the tip touches the ridge just behind your upper front teeth and then blow air out of your mouth. Now say “George.” Notice how the first letter is pronounced like a “

  • Say the letter “e” as in
  • Say the letter “r” as in “rat”
  • Say the letter “h” as in “hat”
  • Say the letter “o” as in “hot”

There is no one definitive way to pronounce the name Jorge in English. Some people say it with a hard “j” sound, like “George,” while others say it with a soft “zh” sound, like “Zhorge.” Ultimately, it is up to the individual how they want to pronounce it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Name Is Jorge In English?

Jorge is the Spanish name for George, which is the English name.

Is Jorge A Female Or Male Name?

There is no consensus on whether Jorge is a female or male name. It appears to be used more commonly as a male name in Spanish-speaking countries, while it is more commonly used as a female name in English-speaking countries.

How Do You Pronounce The Mexican Name Jorge?

The Mexican name Jorge is pronounced “hor-hay”.


The pronunciation of Jorge in English is George.

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