How To Pronounce Malachite

There is no one standard way to pronounce malachite. Some say it like “mal-a-kite,” while others say “ma-la-kite.” As with most words, the best way to learn how to pronounce it correctly is to listen to someone say it.

How To Pronounce Malachite

Malachite is a mineral that typically occurs as green, banded masses. It is pronounced “mal-a-kite.”

To pronounce malachite correctly, you will need a malachite specimen to observe and study, as well as a mineral dictionary to look up the pronunciation of the word.

  • pronounce the “mal” as in the english word “male” 2. pronounce the “a” as in the english word “apple” 3. pronounce the “ch” as in the

-Malachite is typically pronounced as “ma-LA-kite.” -However, the “ch” in malachite can be pronounced like the “ch” in “chocolate,” resulting in “ma-LA-kite.” -Both pronunciations are correct and acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pronounce The Word Citrine?

The word citrine is pronounced as SIT-reen.

How Is Malachite Pronounced?

The word malachite is pronounced “ma-la-kite.”

How Do You Pronounce Malachit?

Malachit is pronounced as mah-lah-kheet.

To Review

Malachite is a mineral that is typically green in color. It is found all over the world and can be used for jewelry or other decorative items. Malachite is pronounced “muh-LAH-kite.”

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