How To Respond To Buenos Tardes

When someone greets you with “buenos tardes,” it’s polite to respond with “buenas tardes” back. You can also say “hola” as a greeting, or just smile and say nothing.

How To Respond To Buenos Tardes

In Spanish, “buenos tardes” is a formal way to say “good afternoon.” When someone greets you with “buenos tardes,” you can respond in one of several ways. You can say “Buenas tardes” back, which is the formal way to say “good evening.” You can also say “Hola” or “Hello,” which is the most common way to greet someone in Spanish.

You will need a pen and paper to write down the responses, or you can use a computer to type them out.

  • Respond with “good afternoon”
  • Ask how the person is doing compliment something about the person
  • Say “hello”

-Some people say “buenos tardes” when they see someone in the afternoon, as a way of saying hello. -Others may use it to say goodbye in the afternoon. -It can be used as a term of respect, or to show appreciation for someone’s time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do U Respond To Buenos Días?

I respond to Buenos días with a simple “Hello” or “Good morning”.

How Do You Reply To Buenos Noches?

In Spanish, “Buenos noches” translates to “good night.” It is typically used as a greeting between people when parting ways for the evening.

What Is A Good Response To Buenas Tardes?

Hello! A good response to buenas tardes would be to say hello back and ask how the person is doing.


When someone greets you with buenos tardes, it is polite to respond with the same. You may also say gracias or adios depending on the context.

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