How To Say Amazing In Japanese

In Japanese, the word for amazing is 凄い (すごい). You can use this word to describe something that is really cool or impressive. For example, you might say 凄いですね! (‘Sugoi desu ne!’), which means ‘That’s amazing!’

2 Steps to Say Amazing In Japanese

The word ‘amazing’ in Japanese can be translated as ‘subarashii,’ ‘sugoi,’ or ‘kakkoii.’ All three words are used to describe something that is very good, impressive, or cool. ‘Subarashii’ is the most formal of the three, and is typically used in written Japanese. ‘Sugoi’ is a bit more casual, and is often used in spoken Japanese. ‘Kakkoii’ is the most informal of the three, and is typically used by young people.

In Japan, it is considered impolite to speak English too fluently. However, if you know how to say amazing in Japanese, you will be able to make a great impression on Japanese people. Japanese people are amazed by foreigners who can speak their language fluently. They are also very impressed by those who can say amazing in Japanese. If you can say amazing in Japanese, you will be able to show off your language skills to Japanese people.

Step 1: How To Say “Amazing” In Japanese Is “Sugee Na”

There are many ways to say amazing in Japanese, but one of the most common ways is “sugee na.” This phrase can be used to describe things that are wonderful, shocking, or simply impressive.

Step 2: Sugee Na Can Be Used To Describe Something That Is Extremely Good, Fantastic, Or Impressive

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to say “amazing” in Japanese: 1. The word for “amazing” in Japanese is “sugee.” 2. To describe something as “amazing,” you can use the word “sugee” followed by a noun. For example, you could say “sugee gakusei” to describe an amazing student. 3. You can also use

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sugoi Mean Amazing?

Yes, Sugoi means amazing.

What Is Sugoi Sugoi?

Sugoi Sugoi is a Japanese word that can be translated to mean “amazing” or “incredible.” It is often used to describe something that is extremely good or impressive.

How Do You Express Amazement In Japanese?

Taking Everything Into Account

In Japanese, “amazement” is “o-waku o-suru” (驚くをする), with “o-waku” meaning “to be surprised,” and “o-suru” meaning “to do.” To say “amazing” in Japanese, you can say “o-waku o-suru koto ga dekiru koto ga aru” (驚くをすることができることがある), which means “there is something that can make you amazed.”

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