How To Say Aunt In German

There is no one-word translation for “aunt” in German, as the word can refer to the sister of one’s mother or father, or the wife of one’s aunt or uncle. To specify which aunt you are talking about, you would use a phrase such as “my mother’s sister” or “my father’s sister.” If you are speaking about your uncle’s wife, you would say “my aunt.”

4 Steps to Say Aunt In German

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One of the most important things to learn when studying a new language is how to say aunt in that language. This word is important because it is a term of endearment and respect that is used for relatives, close friends, and even respected members of the community. It shows that you are familiar with the culture and that you are willing to learn more about it. Additionally, it can help you build closer relationships with people who speak the language.

Step 1: How To Say Aunt In German

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to say “aunt” in German: 1. The word for “aunt” in German is “Tante”. 2. To say “my aunt” in German, you would say “meine Tante”. 3. To say “your aunt” in German, you would say “deine Tante”. 4. To say “his/her aunt” in German,

Step 2: Aunt Is “Tante” In German

To say aunt in German, you say “tante.” Tante is pronounced like “tahnt-eh.” The word “aunt” in German is feminine, so the pronoun “she” is typically used with it. When referring to your aunt, you would say “meine Tante” (my aunt).

Step 3: The Word “Aunt” Is Always Capitalized In German

The word “Aunt” is always capitalized in German. To say “aunt” in German, you would say “die Tante.”

Step 4: There Is No Gender Differentiation In The Word “Aunt” In German

The word for aunt in German is “Tante”. There is no gender differentiation in this word, so it can be used for both male and female aunts. To say someone is your aunt, you would say “Sie ist meine Tante” for a female aunt, and “Er ist mein Onkel” for a male aunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Germans Call Their Aunts?

In Germany, aunts are called “Tanten.”

What Is Nana In German?

Nana is a word for grandmother in the German language.


Aunt is ‘Tante’ in German, and is pronounced ‘tont’.

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