How To Say Awkward In Spanish

There are a few different ways to say awkward in Spanish. One way is to say “incómodo” which means uncomfortable. Another way is to say “torpe” which means clumsy. You could also say “vergonzoso” which means embarrassing.

2 Steps to Say Awkward In Spanish

There is no direct translation for “awkward” in Spanish, but there are a few ways to describe the feeling. One way to say it would be “embarazoso,” which means “embarrassing.” Another way to describe the feeling would be “incómodo,” which means “uncomfortable.”

In Spanish, the word for “awkward” is “incómodo.” This word is important to learn because it describes a feeling that many people have experienced at one time or another. Being able to describe this feeling in Spanish can help you communicate better with others who speak the language.

Step 1: The Phrase Is “Como Se Dice Incómodo En Español”

The phrase “como se dice incómodo en español” means “How do you say awkward in Spanish?” To say this phrase, simply say “como se dice” followed by the word for awkward, which is “incómodo.” Be sure to pronounce the word correctly so that native speakers can understand you.

Step 2: The Phrase Means “How To Say Uncomfortable In Spanish”

To say awkward in Spanish, you can use the phrase “que vergüenza.” This phrase translates to “how embarrassing” or “what a shame.” You can use this phrase to describe an awkward situation or to express your own embarrassment.

Taking Everything Into Account

The word “awkward” doesn’t have a direct translation in Spanish, but there are several words that come close. “Embarazoso” is one such word, and it means “embarrassing.” “Desagradable” is another word that can be used to describe something that’s awkward, and it means “displeasing.”

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