How To Say Backpack In Spanish

In Spanish, the word for backpack is “mochila.”

How To Say Backpack In Spanish

In Spanish, a backpack is called “una mochila.”

-A backpack -Some Spanish flashcards or a Spanish dictionary -Patience!

  • To say “backpack” in spanish, say “mochila”
  • Mochila is a masculine noun, so you would use the masculine article “el” when referring to a backpack

There are a few different ways to say “backpack” in Spanish. One way is “mochila,” which is the most common word for backpack. Another word is “maleta,” which means suitcase. A third word is “bolsa de viaje,” which means travel bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Word For Book Bag In Spanish?

The word for book bag in Spanish is ‘libro’.

What Do You Call A Book Cover In Spanish?

The word for “book cover” in Spanish is “portada”.

How Do You Say Backpack In Colombia?

The word for backpack in Colombia is ‘mochila’.

In Closing

There are multiple ways to say backpack in Spanish, depending on the country. In some Latin American countries, it is “mochila”, while in Spain it is “maleta”.

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