How To Say Bad In German

The word “bad” in German is “schlecht”. Here are some example sentences containing the word “schlecht”: Ist das schlecht? That’s bad. Er ist schlecht gelaunt. He’s in a bad mood. Das Essen war schlecht. The food was bad.

3 Steps to Say Bad In German

There are a few different ways to say bad in German. One way is to say “schlecht.” Another way is to say “böse.” And a third way is to say “hässlich.”

It is always important to learn how to say bad words in any language that you are trying to learn. This is especially true for German because there are many words that have different meanings depending on how they are said. If you say a word with the wrong inflection, it can completely change the meaning of the word. For example, the word “gut” can mean either “good” or “bad” depending on how it is said. If you say “gut” with a happy tone, it means “good.” However, if you say “gut” with a sad tone, it means “bad.”

Step 1: German: How To Say Bad In German

The word for bad in German is “schlecht”. To say it in a sentence, you could say “Das ist schlecht” (This is bad).

Step 2: Bad Is “Schlecht” In German

The word for bad in German is “schlecht”. It is pronounced similar to the English word “shlockt”.

Step 3: To Say Bad In German, Say “Schlecht”

In order to say bad in German, you would say “schlecht.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Frick In German?

The word Frick is derived from the German word “Frikadelle”, which is a type of ball-shaped minced meat dish.

What Is A Bitte?

A bitte is a German word that has a number of meanings, including “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome.” It can be used as a standalone word or as part of a sentence.

In The End

In order to say “bad” in German, you would say “schlecht.”

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