How To Say Be Quiet In German

When you want someone to be quiet in German, you can say “Sei still” to a single person, or “Seid still” to more than one person. You can also say “Seien Sie still” to a single person, or “Seien Sie still” to more than one person.

1 Steps to Say Be Quiet In German

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Learning how to say “be quiet” in German can be important for several reasons. First, if you are traveling to a German-speaking country, it can be helpful to know how to say this phrase in the local language. Second, if you have German-speaking friends or family, being able to tell them to be quiet in their own language can be a valuable skill. Finally, learning new phrases in German can simply be enjoyable, and adding this phrase to your repertoire can make you feel more confident and proficient in the language.

Step 1: The Phrase “Sag Bitte Leise” Means “Please Speak Quietly.” “Sagen Sie Bitte Leise” Means “Please Say Quietly.”

If you want to tell someone to be quiet in German, you would say “sag bitte leise” to a singular person, or “sagen Sie bitte leise” to a plural person. This phrase is the equivalent of saying “please speak quietly” in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Be Quiet In Espanol?

In Spanish, “callate” is translated to “be quiet.”

How Do You Express Support In German?

There are a few ways to express support in German. The most common way is to say “Ich bin bei dir” (I am with you). You can also say “Ich stehe hinter dir” (I am behind you), or “Ich unterst├╝tze dich” (I support you).

How Do You Express Joy In German?

In German, one might say “Es freut mich, dich zu sehen” to express joy upon seeing someone. One might also say “Ich freue mich sehr, dich kennenzulernen” to express joy at the prospect of meeting someone new.

In Closing

In German, be quiet can be translated as sei still or halt den Mund. Both phrases are used to tell someone to be quiet and to stop talking.

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