How To Say Brother In Hawaiian

The word for “brother” in Hawaiian is “mākua”. To say “my brother” in Hawaiian, you would say “ka mākua oʻu”.

5 Steps to Say Brother In Hawaiian

How to say brother in hawaiian? There are a few ways to say brother in hawaiian. One way to say it is “keiki.” Another way to say it is “makuahine.” Lastly, you could say “kane.”

It is important to learn how to say brother in hawaiian so that you can properly communicate with your Hawaiian relatives. It can also be useful to know how to say this word if you are traveling to Hawaii or interacting with Hawaiian speakers. By learning how to say brother in hawaiian, you will demonstrate your respect for the Hawaiian language and culture.

Step 1: Hawaiian Word For Brother Is “Kane”

The word for “brother” in Hawaiian is “kane”. To say it properly, enunciate the “k” sound and then say “ane” with a long “a” sound. The word can also be used to refer to a close male friend.

Step 2: To Say “Brother” In Hawaiian, Say “Kane”

To say “brother” in Hawaiian, say “kane”.

Step 3: Kane Can Also Mean “Man”

The word for “brother” in Hawaiian is “kane.” “Kane” can also mean “man.” Saying “kane” is one way to say “brother” in Hawaiian.

Step 4: In Some Cases, The Word “Pōkākā” Can Also Be Used To Mean Brother

The word for “brother” in Hawaiian is “pōkākā.” In some cases, the word can also be used to mean “step-brother.”

Step 5: Pōkākā Is The Plural Form Of Kane

Pōkākā is the plural form of kane, which means brother in Hawaiian. To say brother in Hawaiian, you would say: pēpē kane for one brother, pēpē kāne for two brothers, and pēpē lua for three or more brothers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Braddah Mean?

How Do You Say Little Brother In Hawaiian?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the phrase for little brother can vary depending on the dialect of Hawaiian that is being spoken. However, some possible translations for little brother in Hawaiian could be kaikaina, kaikaina kaua, or kaikaina kane.

What Does Faka Mean In Pidgin?

Faka can mean many different things in pidgin, depending on the context. It can mean “to do”, “to make”, “to put”, or “to go”.

How Do You Say What’S Up In Hawaiian Pidgin?

In Hawaiian pidgin, you say “Howzit goin?”

In Closing

It is a very simple guide that provides the pronunciation and translation of the word ‘brother’ in Hawaiian.

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