How To Say Butt In Spanish

The Spanish word for butt is ‘culo’. It is pronounced somewhat like ‘koo-loh’. Keep in mind that this is a very vulgar word in Spanish, so it is not used in polite conversation. If you hear someone using this word, they are probably not referring to a body part.

1 Steps to Say Butt In Spanish

There are a few different ways to say butt in Spanish. One way is “culo,” which is a little bit more vulgar. Another way is “trasero,” which is a little bit more polite. And the last way is “nalgas,” which is the most neutral way to say it.

In a world where Spanish is becoming increasingly prevalent, learning how to say butt in Spanish is more important than ever. Not only will it help you better communicate with Spanish speakers, but it can also be a source of amusement and conversation. Aside from the practical applications, learning how to say butt in Spanish can also be a fun way to expand your vocabulary and learn about another culture. So whether you’re looking to improve your language skills or simply want to have a good laugh, learning how to say butt in Spanish is a great idea.

Step 1: To Say “Butt” In Spanish, Say “Culo.” Culo Is Pronounced Kooloh

The word for “butt” in Spanish is “culo.” Pronounced kooloh, this word is used to refer to someone’s backside. It can be used both offensively and affectionately, depending on the context.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Naglas?

Naglas is a Croatian word for “accent.”

What Does Nalgas Mean?

Nalgas is Spanish for buttocks.

To Review

To say “butt” in Spanish, you would say “culo”. This is a very crude word, so use it sparingly.

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