How To Say Bye In Bengali

There is no one definitive way to say goodbye in Bengali. Some expressions you might hear include আপনাকে শুভ অভিজ্ঞতা (apnake shubh obhijjota, “May you have a good future”), আপনা আগে

How To Say Bye In Bengali

In Bengali, the word for “bye” is “tumi bolo” or simply “bolo”.

To say goodbye in Bengali, you can say “আপনাকে সুখে যেতে চান” or “আপনা যে কোন সুখ থেকে

  • Say “নিজের জন্য দু:খ্যো” (nijearer j

There are a few ways to say bye in Bengali. The most common way is “bhalobashi” which means “I love you.” Another way to say bye is “taake bhalo” which means “take care.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Say What Is Your Name In Bengali?

In Bengali, the phrase for “What is your name?” is আপন নাম কী? (Apnô nam kî?). To say “My name is ____,” you would say আম নাম _____ (Aam nam ___).

How Do You Greet Someone In Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, it is customary to greet someone with “Assalamualaikum” (peace be upon you), followed by “Waalaikumussalam” (peace be with you).

What Is Your Name Bangla?

My name is Bangla.

To Review

In Bengali, “bye” is typically rendered as “বাই”, pronounced “bāi”.

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