How To Say Bye In Maori

The phrase for “goodbye” in Maori is “haere ra”. This phrase can be translated to mean “farewell”, “godspeed”, or “safe travels”.

How To Say Bye In Maori

In New Zealand English, “bye” is commonly used as a farewell, although other expressions such as “ta ta” or “see you later” are also used. In Maori, “ka kite anō” is the most common expression for goodbye. This phrase literally means “I will see you again.” Other expressions include “haere rā” which means “farewell,” and “aroha mai” which means “come here.”

There is no one definitive way to say “bye” in Maori. However, some common ways to say farewell include: Tēnā koe – to a male Tēnā kōrua – to two males Tēnā koutou – to three or more males Tēnā kātua – to one’s elders Tēnā kahurangi – hello and goodbye Haere rā –

  • To say goodbye, say “haere ra”
  • Say “kia ora” to say hello

-When saying goodbye in Maori, you can use the word “ka kite anō” which means “see you again.” -Another way to say goodbye in Maori is to say “haere rā” which means “farewell.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ngā Mihi Mean?

Ngā mihi means “hello” or “thank you” in Māori. It is often used as a greeting or to show appreciation.

How Do You Say Nga Mihi?

‘Nga mihi’ is the Māori way to say ‘hello’.

How Do You Thank Someone In Māori?

One way to say thank you in Māori is to say ‘kia ora’.

Taking Everything Into Account

In Maori, the word for goodbye is “ka kite ano”.

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