How To Say Can I Have Candy In Spanish

In Spanish, “Can I have candy?” can be translated to “¿Puedo tener dulces?”

How To Say Can I Have Candy In Spanish

“¿Puedo tener dulces?” is how you say “Can I have candy?” in Spanish.

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  • Puedo tener algunos dulces?
  • Can i have some candy?

There are a few different ways that you can say “can I have candy” in Spanish. One way is to say “puedo tener dulces?” Another way is to say “quiero un dulce.” A third way is to say “me puedes dar un dulce?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have Your Pics In Spanish?

Si, por supuesto.

Can You Send Your Photos In Spanish?

Yes, I can send my photos in Spanish.

¿Qué Significa Can You Send Your Photos?

Can you send your photos? (¿Puedes enviar tus fotos?) is a question that typically means “Can you send me a picture of yourself?”


In Spanish, you would say “Puedo tener un caramelo?”

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