How To Say Candle In Japanese

In Japanese, the word for candle is キャンドル (kyandoru). Candles are used in a variety of settings, such as in religious ceremonies, to set the mood during a date, or to provide light during a power outage. To light a candle, use a match or lighter to ignite the wick.

3 Steps to Say Candle In Japanese

In Japanese, the word for “candle” is 火扇 (ろうそく, rōsoku). It consists of the characters 火 (hi), meaning “fire,” and 扇 (Ōsaki), meaning “fan.” The word can also be written as 燭台 (しょくだい, shokudai), which consists of the characters 燭 (shoku), meaning “torch,” and 台 (dai), meaning “base.”

In a world where international business is commonplace, it’s important to be able to communicate with people from other cultures. One way to do this is to learn common words and phrases in their language. For example, learning how to say “candle” in Japanese can be useful in a number of situations, from ordering candles at a restaurant to discussing a religious ceremony. Not only does learning how to say “candle” in Japanese show respect for the culture, but it also demonstrates an interest in learning more about it. This can help build rapport and trust, both of which are essential in any business dealings. Furthermore, speaking the language – even just a few words – can help break the ice and make communication easier overall.

Step 1: The Word For ‘Candle’ In Japanese Is ‘Kōcha’

The word for ‘candle’ in japanese is ‘kōcha’. To say candle in japanese, you would say ‘kōcha ni naru’.

Step 2: The Word ‘Kōcha’ Is Written Using The Kanji Characters For ‘Light’ And ‘Plant’

The word “kōcha” is written using the kanji characters for “light” and “plant.” To say candle in Japanese, you would first say the word for light, “akari,” then the word for plant, “kusa.”

Step 3: The Word ‘Kōcha’ Can Be Pronounced As ‘Kōchah’ Or ‘Kōchahee’

To say candle in Japanese, first say kōcha. Next, either say kōchah or kōchahee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Does Kusho Mean In Japanese?

Kusho (訓書) is a Japanese word meaning “instructional text.” It is most commonly used in the context of learning to read and write, as in kusho-bon (訓書本), or “instructional text books.”

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Mendokusai is a Japanese word that can be translated as “what a pain.” It is often used to describe something that is troublesome or annoying.


There are a few different ways to say “candle” in Japanese, depending on the context. The word “kouen” can be used to refer to a candle in general, or a candle that is lit. The word “yakei” can be used to refer to a lit candle, or to the act of lighting a candle.

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