How To Say Cantar In English

The verb ‘to sing’ in Spanish is cantar. To say ‘I can sing’ in English, you would say, ‘I can sing.’

How To Say Cantar In English

In English, “to sing” can be translated as “cantar.” However, there are other words that can also be used to describe singing, such as “to vocalize” or “to croon.”

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  • Cantar in english is to sing. to say cantar in english, you would say “to sing.”

How to say cantar in English: To say “I can sing” in English, you would say “I can sing.” You can also say “I know how to sing” or “I am able to sing.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Cantar?

To say “Cantar” in Spanish, say “Can-tar”.

What Cantar Means In Spanish?

Cantar means “to sing” in Spanish.

What’S Viajar In English?

Viajar is to travel.

To Summarize

To say “to sing” in English, you would say “to sing.”

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