How To Say Cheers In German

There are a few ways to say “cheers” in German. The most common way is “Prost!” or “Zum Wohl!”

How To Say Cheers In German

In German, there are several ways to say cheers. Some of the most common are “Prost!” and “Zum Wohl!”.

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  • say “prost!” 2. clink your glasses together 3. drink

-How to say cheers in German: Prost! -To say cheers in German, you would say “Prost!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do They Say For Cheers In Germany?

Some popular cheers in German include “Prost!” (meaning “Cheers!”), “Zum Wohl!” (meaning “To your health!”), and “Na Zdrowie!” (meaning “Cheers!”).

How Do You Toast Cheers In German?

In German, you say “Prost!” to toast cheers.

What Do They Yell At Oktoberfest?

At Oktoberfest, people yell “Prost!” which means “Cheers!”

In The End

In German, “Prost!” is the toast that is used to say “cheers.”

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