How To Say Cheers In Hawaiian

Aloha! In Hawaiian, “aloha” is both a greeting and a farewell. It can be translated as “hello,” “goodbye,” “love,” or “peace.” When someone says “aloha,” they are expressing love and peace.

How To Say Cheers In Hawaiian

There is no one definitive way to say “cheers” in Hawaiian. However, some possible translations include mahalo (thank you), aloha (love), or hapaha (good health).

-alcoholic beverage – friends

  • Say “mahalo”
  • Say “ae!”
  • Clink your glasses together

How to say cheers in Hawaiian: Mahalo!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Respond To Mahalo?

Mahalo is the Hawaiian word for “thank you.” When someone says mahalo, they are expressing gratitude for a kindness or service. I usually say mahalo back, or sometimes I’ll say “aloha” which also means hello and goodbye, and is a term of respect.

How Do You Toast In Hawaii?

The traditional way to toast in Hawaii is to say “Mahalo” (Thank you) and then clink glasses.

How Do Hawaiians Say Thank You?

In Hawai’ian, “Mahalo” is a word used to say “Thank you.”

To Review

In Hawaiian, the word for “cheers” is aloha.

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