How To Say Cheers In Korean

There is no one word for “cheers” in Korean, but there are a few expressions that you can use to show your appreciation for a drink. 화이팅 (hwaiting) is a common expression that can be used in many situations. You can also say 여러분 감사합니다 (yeoreobun gamsahamnida), which means “thank you

How To Say Cheers In Korean

There are a few ways to say “cheers” in Korean. 고마워 (goma-wo) is the most common way to say “thank you” in Korean, so it can also be used as a way to say “cheers.” Another way to say “cheers” is 축하합니다 (chukka-hamnida), or “congratulations.”

You will need: – A computer or phone with internet access – Korean language learning software or a textbook – A pen and paper

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  • say “새로운 시작이여!” (saero

There are a few different ways to say cheers in Korean, depending on the context and the tone of voice you use. 화이팅 (hwaiting), 성공 (seonggong), and 건배 (geonbae) are all common expressions used when toasting with others. 화이팅 is a more casual way to say cheers, while 성

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Toast Cheers In Korean?

There is no one definitive way to toast cheers in Korean. Some people say “여보세요” (yoboseyo) which means “hello” or “goodbye”, and others just say “cheers”.

Can Cheers Korean?

Yes, cheers Korean is possible. However, the pronunciation may be a bit difficult for those not familiar with the language.

What Do You Say In Korean Before Drinking?

When drinking in Korea, people often say “ganbei” which means “empty your cup.”


In Korean, to say cheers, you can say “생각하자!” (saenggakha-ja), which means “let’s drink!”

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