How To Say Cheers” In Spanish When Drinking

In Spanish, “Salud” is often used as a toast when drinking. It can be translated to “Cheers!” in English.

How To Say Cheers” In Spanish When Drinking

When drinking in Spanish, it is customary to say “Salud” or “Cheers!”

-A pitcher of sangria -A bowl of oranges -A knife -A cutting board – loaf of french bread

  • raise your glass and say “salud” or “cheers” 2. take a sip of your drink 3. lower your glass and say “gracias”

-When drinking in Spain, there are a few ways to say “cheers”!- You can say “salud” which means “health.”-You can also say “prost” which is German for “cheers!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Spanish Drinking Toast?

A Spanish drinking toast is a phrase or sentence that is said before taking a drink of alcohol. The toast may be a variation of “Salud” (meaning “health”), “Prosit” (meaning “success”), or another phrase.

What Does Salud Mean In Spanish When Drinking?

Salud means “cheers” in Spanish when drinking.

Do They Say Salud In Spain?

Yes, they say Salud in Spain.

In Summary

In Spanish, there are a few different ways to say “cheers” when drinking. “Salud” is the most common way, and simply means “health.” Other phrases include “prost” (which is German for “cheers”) and “cin cin” (a French phrase which also means “cheers”).

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