How To Say Cheese In Chinese

In China, there are many different ways to say “cheese”. One way to say it is “niu rou”, which means “cow’s milk”. Another way to say it is “shijiao”, which means “curd”. A third way to say it is “bailao”, which means “white curd”. Finally, you could also say “xiaomilao”, which means “little curd”.

2 Steps to Say Cheese In Chinese

In Chinese, there are many ways to say “cheese”. The most common way is niúnǎi (牛奶), which literally means “cow milk”. Other ways include kǒushì (口水), which means “drool” or “saliva”, and bǐngqílín (冰淇淋), which means “ice cream”. When taking photos, people often say kāishǐ (开始), which means “begin”, or chīfàn (吃饭), which means “eating”.

If you want to learn how to say cheese in Chinese, it is important to know that there are many different ways to say it. Cheese is a popular food item in China and is used in a variety of dishes. There are also many different types of cheese that are made in China. By learning how to say cheese in Chinese, you will be able to order the right type of cheese for your dish and be able to communicate with the locals when you are in China.

Step 1: The Phrase For “Cheese” In Chinese Is 起司 (Qì Sī)

To say cheese in Chinese, start by saying the word for cheese, which is 起司 (qì sī). Next, say the word for please, which is 请 (qǐng). Finally, say thank you, which is 谢谢 (xiè xie).

Step 2: There Is No Direct Translation For “Cheese” In Chinese, So The Closest Approximation Would Be 起司 (Qì Sī), Which Is The Word For “Cheese” In Mandarin

There is no direct translation for “cheese” in Chinese, so the closest approximation would be 起司 (qì sī), which is the word for “cheese” in Mandarin. To say “cheese” in Chinese, you would say 起司 (qì sī).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Word For Cheese In Chinese?

Yes, there is a word for cheese in Chinese, it is pronounced ‘xi le’ and means ‘to eat cheese’.

How Do You Say Cheese In Cantonese?

In Cantonese, the word for cheese is “gāisī.”

What Can I Say Instead Of Cheese?

There are a number of things you can say instead of cheese, such as: – “This looks delicious! What’s in it?” – “This is a great dish! Thank you for making it.” – “Wow, this is really good! Where did you learn to make it?”

What Is Meant By Say Cheese?

When a person says “say cheese,” they are asking the person to say cheese for a photograph.

In Closing

The phrase for “cheese” in Chinese is “芝士” (zhīshì). This is pronounced “jee-shee” and is written using the traditional Chinese characters.

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