How To Say Christmas In Germany

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrated on December 25th. While the date of Christmas is not universally agreed upon, it is generally thought to have been inspired by pagan winter solstice celebrations. Christmas is celebrated in many different ways around the world, but some of the most common traditions include gift giving, decorating Christmas trees, and attending church services.

How To Say Christmas In Germany

In Germany, Christmas is traditionally celebrated on December 24th. The Christmas season begins on December 6th, when the Christkindlmarkt (Christ Child Market) opens. These markets are set up in towns and cities all over the country, and offer a variety of traditional German Christmas items, such as ornaments, decorations, baked goods, and toys. On Christmas Eve, Germans attend church services and then celebrate with their families. Presents are often opened after dinner.

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  • Say “happy christmas”
  • Say “merry christmas”
  • Say “weihnachtsgrüße”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Germans Say Happy Christmas?

Yes, Germans say Happy Christmas.

Why Is Christmas Called Weihnachten In German?

Christmas is called Weihnachten in German because it comes from the words “weihen” meaning to consecrate and “nacht” meaning night. Christmas is a time to celebrate the consecration of Jesus Christ.

How Do Bavarians Say Merry Christmas?

The Bavarians say Merry Christmas as “Frohe Weihnachten”.


In Germany, Christmas is a time for spending time with family, eating traditional foods, and exchanging gifts. Christmas is also a religious holiday, and many Germans attend church services on Christmas Eve.

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