How To Say Clean In Spanish

In order to say “clean” in Spanish, you would use the word “limpio”. To use this word in a sentence, you could say “La casa está limpia” which means “The house is clean”.

1 Steps to Say Clean In Spanish

How to use clean in a sentence. Another word for clean. When you’re done, use the “Check” button to check your answers. In Spanish, there are many ways to say “thank you. How to say clean up in Spanish? How do you conjugate the Spanish irregular verb limpiar in the preterite tense? Learn how to say clean very well on this page. When you learn Spanish, do you also want to learn about the culture and people? How to say clean up in Spanish – Translation of clean up to Spanish by Nglish, comprehensive English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica. Then try the free quiz at the bottom of the page to test yourself. This is the translation of

It is important to learn how to say “clean” in Spanish because it is a word that is used often. When you are cleaning something, you need to know how to say “clean” so that you can tell the person who is helping you that you are finished.

Step 1: To Say “Clean” In Spanish, Say “Limpio.”

To say “clean” in Spanish, you would say “limpio.” This word is used to describe when something is free of dirt, grime, or other mess. When you want to describe a surface that needs to be cleaned, you can use this word. For example, you might say “La mesa está limpia” to describe a clean table.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Qué Es La Palabra Clean?

The word “clean” has multiple definitions, but generally it means free from dirt, dust, or impurities.

¿Cuándo Se Utiliza Clean?

Clean es un software de limpieza de Mac que elimina archivos basura, limpia el disco duro, libera espacio en el iCloud y mejora el rendimiento del equipo. Se utiliza para mantener el equipo en óptimas condiciones de funcionamiento.


To say that something is clean, you would say está limpio or está sucio.

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