How To Say Come Here In Japanese

One way to say “come here” in Japanese is こっちに来て (kocchi ni kite), pronounced “kot-chee nee kee-teh”.

How To Say Come Here In Japanese

In Japanese, the phrase “Come here” can be translated as “kochira kudasai” or “chotto kochira kudasai”. The phrase is polite and can be used in a variety of situations.

-A piece of paper -A pencil or pen -A Japanese dictionary

  • Masu (formal)
  • Kudasai (please)
  • in a commanding voice, say “kochira kite!” 2. add the appropriate suffix
  • San (mr./mrs

1. いきなり近づくのは失礼ですよ。 2. 待ってください。近づいてもらえますか? 3. こちらに来てください。 4. どうぞこちらに来てください。 5. 来て

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Koko In Japanese?

Koko is a Japanese word that means “how much”.

What Is Haii In Japanese?

HAII is an acronym for “hayaku aitai ii”, which translated to English means “I want to see you soon”.

How Do You Use Sarani In Japanese?

The word Sarani is used in Japanese to mean “thank you.”

Taking Everything Into Account

In order to say “come here” in Japanese, you would say “koko ni ikou” or “koko ni kuru”.

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