How To Say Comment Allez-Vous In French

Comment allez-vous literally translates to “how are you going?” and is used as a polite way to ask someone how they are doing. It is a common question asked in French-speaking countries and is a good way to start a conversation. To say comment allez-vous in French, simply say “comment allez-vous?” followed by the person’s name.

4 Steps to Say Comment Allez-Vous In French

Answer: Comment allez-vous? is a French phrase that means “How are you?” It is used as a polite greeting, similar to “How are you doing?” in English. Comment allez-vous is always followed by the pronoun vous, which is the formal second-person singular pronoun. When replying to Comment allez-vous?, the standard response is Je vais bien, merci. (Literally, “I go well, thank you.”)

If you are planning to visit a French-speaking country, it is important to learn how to say comment allez-vous in French. This phrase is used to ask someone how they are doing, and is a polite way to start a conversation. By learning this phrase, and others like it, you will be able to communicate better with the locals and make a good impression.

Step 1: How To Say Comment Allezvous In French Is A Way To Ask Someone How They Are Doing

To say “comment allez-vous” in French, you would first say “comment” (pronounced “koh-MAHN”), meaning “how.” Then you would say “allez-vous” (pronounced “ah-lay-voo”), which is the equivalent of saying “how are you” in English.

Step 2: The Phrase Is Pronounced “Kuhmuhn Tahlayvoo”

The phrase comment allez-vous is pronounced “kuhmuhn tahlayvoo.” To say this phrase, first say “kuhmuhn,” which is French for “comment.” Then say “tahlayvoo,” which is French for “allez-vous.”

Step 3: The Word “Comment” Means “Comment” Or “How”

The word “comment” means “comment” or “how” in French. To say “comment allez-vous?” you would say “how are you?”

Step 4: The Word “Allezvous” Means “Are You Going”

The word “allezvous” means “are you going” in French. To say this phrase, start by saying “Comment” which means “how.” Then, say “allez” which means “you go.” Finally, say “vous” which is the plural form of “you.”


Comment allez-vous? is a common French greeting meaning “How are you?” It can be used as a standalone question or as a part of a longer conversation. To answer, you can simply say “Bien, merci” (Well, thank you) or provide more information about how you’re doing.

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