How To Say Congratulations In Mandarin


How To Say Congratulations In Mandarin

The word for congratulations in Mandarin is 祝贺 (zhùhè). You can say this word to someone who has just achieved something, such as passing an exam or getting a new job.

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  • Say 你好 (ni hao)
  • Say 祝贺
  • Say 这是我的祝福 (zhe shi wo de zhu fu)

1. 恭喜你!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Congratulations In Chinese Reddit?

There is no one word for “congratulations” in Chinese, but there are several phrases that can be used to express congratulations. 做大 (zuòdà), 万岁 (wànsì), 祝你幸福 (zhùnǐ xìngfú), and 恭喜发财 (gōngxǐ fācái) are all phrases that can be used to say congratulations in Chinese.

What Words Are Usually Used To Express Congratulations?

Some words that are usually used to express congratulations are: congratulations, well done, bravo, and felicitations.

What Are Different Ways To Say Congratulations?

There are many different ways to say congratulations. Some people might say ” well done,” others might say “congratulations,” and still others might say “I’m so happy for you.”

To Review

There are a few different ways to say congratulations in Mandarin, all of which are expressions of happiness and pleasure at the good news. 你好!congratulations (to you)! or 恭喜你!congratulations (to you)! are both polite, formal ways to say congratulations. 你有什么好消息吗?have you got any good news? is a more casual way to ask someone if they have any good news to share, while 小伙子,恭喜你!young man, congratulations! is a way of congratulating a young

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