How To Say Cookies In Spanish

Cookies are a type of small, flat, and sweet cake that is often eaten as a snack. In Spanish, cookies are called galletas.

How To Say Cookies In Spanish

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Depending on the region of Spain where someone is from, they may say “galletas” or “biscochos.” In some cases, people may even use different words for cookies depending on the type of cookie. For example, “galletas” may refer to chocolate chip cookies, while “biscochos” may refer to oatmeal cookies.

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There are multiple ways to say “cookies” in Spanish, depending on the country. In Spain, the word for cookies is galletas. In Mexico, the word for cookies is galletas. There are also other variations of the word for cookies in other Spanish-speaking countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Oreo Means In Spanish?

Oreo is a type of cookie that is made with two chocolate wafers and a layer of white frosting in the middle. Oreos are popular in the United States, but they are also made in other countries. In Spanish, Oreo is called “Bizcocho de Galletas” or “Galletas con Crema”

How Do You Say Cookies In Mexico?

In Mexico, they say “galletas” for cookies.

How Do You Say Cookie?

In English, we say “cookie.”

In Summary

Cookies in Spanish are called galletas.

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