How To Say Correct In Spanish

In order to say “correct” in Spanish, you would say “correcto.” You would use this word when you want to say that something is right or when you want to say that someone is right.

4 Steps to Say Correct In Spanish

The correct way to say “in” in Spanish is “en.” It is a preposition that is used to indicate location. For example, you might say “Estoy en la casa” (I am in the house) or “Viene en camino” (He is on his way).

It is important to learn how to say “correct” in Spanish because it is a very useful word. By learning how to say “correct” in Spanish, you will be able to communicate more effectively with native speakers. Additionally, you will be able to understand what native speakers are saying when they use the word “correct” in conversation.

Step 1: The App Is Free

The app is free and it is one of the most popular ways to learn Spanish. It has a voice recognition feature so you can hear how the words are pronounced and it also has a dictionary so you can look up words.

Step 2: The App Has A Built In Dictionary

The app has a built in dictionary that allows users to type in a word and receive the correct Spanish translation. This is a useful tool for those who are learning the language, or for those who need a quick reference.

Step 3: The App Allows You To Listen To The Pronunciation Of The Words

The app is helpful for those wanting to learn to pronounce Spanish words correctly. It gives step by step instructions on how to say the word ‘correct’ in Spanish. The app is easy to follow and provides clear audio samples of the correct pronunciation.

Step 4: The App Has A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge

The app has a quiz to test your knowledge of how to say “correct” in Spanish. The quiz is designed to help you learn the vocabulary and grammar necessary to say “correct” in Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Verb To Correct In Spanish?

The verb to correct in Spanish is corregir.

What Does Che Ches Mean In Spanish?

In Spanish, “che ches” means “what is this?”

What Are The 3 Main Verbs In Spanish?

There are three main verbs in Spanish: “ser” (to be), “estar” (to be), and “hacer” (to do).

How Do You Know What Verb To Conjugate In Spanish?

In order to conjugate a verb in Spanish, you need to know its infinitive form. To find the infinitive form of a verb, you need to know its stem and ending. The stem is usually the root of the verb, and the ending will either be -ar, -er, or -ir.


To say “correct” in Spanish, you would say “correcto/a”. This is a very simple word, and it is easy to remember how to say it. Just remember that it is “correcto/a” when you are looking to say that something is right or accurate.

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