How To Say Dakine

In Hawaii, “dakine” is a general term used to describe something or someone that is the best or most awesome. For example, you might say “That party was da kine!” to describe how much fun you had. “Dakine” can also be used as an adjective, as in “He’s da kine!” to describe how cool someone is.

1 Steps to Say Dakine

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It is important to learn how to say “dakine” for several reasons. First, “dakine” is a very versatile word that can be used in a variety of situations. Second, “dakine” is a very common word in the Hawaiian language and is used frequently in everyday conversation. Third, “dakine” is a very important word to know if you are planning to visit or live in Hawaii. By learning how to say “dakine,” you will be able to communicate with locals more easily and make your stay in Hawaii more enjoyable.

Step 1: How To Say Dakine: Dakine Is A Word Of German Origin And It Means “Of The Dike.” In English, It Is Most Often Used As The Name Of A Company That Produces Sportswear And Accessories

dakine is a word of German origin, and it means “of the dike.” In English, it is most often used as the name of a company that produces sportswear and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Dakine In A Sentence?

I use Dakine in a sentence to describe that I am using the product from the company Dakine.

How Do You Say The Brand Dakine?

In English, Dakine is pronounced as “duh-kane”.

How Do You Spell Dakine?

Dakine is spelled D-A-K-I-N-E.

Who Makes Dakine?

Dakine is a company that makes different types of sportswear and equipment, including backpacks, luggage, and clothing. It was founded by Rob Kaplan in 1979.

Taking Everything Into Account

The word ‘dakine’ is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘of the sky’. In the context of surfing, it refers to the best waves on the planet.

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