How To Say Dance In Spanish

In Spanish, the word for “dance” is “baile”. To say “I want to dance” in Spanish, you would say “Quiero bailar”.

5 Steps to Say Dance In Spanish

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In order to be able to communicate with Spanish speakers in their own language, it is important to learn how to say dance in Spanish. By doing so, you will be able to better understand the culture and participate in the conversations that native Spanish speakers are having. Additionally, learning how to say dance in Spanish can also be beneficial when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, as it will allow you to better navigate your way around and understand what is going on around you.

Step 1: The Verb ‘Bailar’ Is Used To Say ‘To Dance’ In Spanish

The verb ‘bailar’ is used to say ‘to dance’ in Spanish. To conjugate ‘bailar,’ use the stem ‘baile-‘ and add the corresponding ending for the subject pronoun. For example, ‘I dance’ would be ‘yo bailo,’ and ‘we dance’ would be ‘nosotros bailamos.’

Step 2: The Word ‘Baile’ Is The Noun For ‘Dance’

The word “baile” is the Spanish word for “dance.” To say “dance” in Spanish, simply say “baile.” For example, you might say “Me gusta bailar” (I like to dance).

Step 3: When Referring To Someone’S Dance Style, Use The Adjective ‘Bailarín’ (Male) Or ‘Bailarina’ (Female)

When referring to someone’s dance style, use the adjective ‘bailarín’ (male) or ‘bailarina’ (female). For example, a ‘bailarín español’ is a Spanish dancer and a ‘bailarina flamenca’ is a Flamenco dancer.

Step 4: To Say That You Know How To Dance, Use The Verb ‘Saber Bailar’

In Spanish, the verb for ‘to dance’ is ‘bailar’. To say ‘I know how to dance’, you would use the verb ‘saber’, meaning ‘to know’, followed by the infinitive ‘bailar’. So the full phrase would be ‘Sé bailar’, pronounced ‘say bye-lar’.

Step 5: To Say That You Don’T Know How To

In order to say “dance” in Spanish, you would say “baile.”

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Cómo Se Dance En Español?

¿Cómo Se Dice Dance Monkey En Español?

In Spanish, the phrase “Dance Monkey” would be translated to “Baila Mono”.


There are a few different ways to say “dance” in Spanish. “Bailar” is the most common verb form, and can be used both transitively (“I danced”) and intransitively (“I was dancing”). “Danzar” is also a common verb form, and is used more for nouns like “danza” or “danzante”. Finally, there’s also the noun “baile”, which refers to a dance performance.

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