How To Say Dangerous In Spanish

The Spanish word for “dangerous” is “peligroso.” To say “How dangerous is it?” in Spanish, you would say “¿Cuánto es peligroso?”

How To Say Dangerous In Spanish

Dangerous in Spanish can be translated as peligroso.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the tools and materials you will need to say “dangerous” in Spanish will vary depending on the context in which you intend to use the word. However, some of the most common tools and materials you may need include a dictionary, a grammar guide, and a Spanish-language learning course.

  • Say “peligroso”
  • Pronounce the “e” at the end of “peligroso” like you would in the word “hello”
  • Stress the first “i” in peligro

1. Depending on the context, “peligroso” can mean “dangerous,” “hazardous,” or “risky.” 2. Use “peligroso” when you want to talk about something that has the potential to cause harm or danger. 3. Be careful how you use “peligroso” – it can be very dangerous if used incorrectly!

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There are many ways to say dangerous in Spanish. Some of the most common translations are peligroso, amenazante, and tóxico. It’s important to be aware of the different meanings these words can have, in order to use them accurately and effectively.

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