How To Say Delicious In Japanese

There are many ways to say delicious in Japanese, but some of the most common are oishii, umai, and saikou. Oishii is the most general word for delicious, and can be used to describe anything from food to scenery. Umai is a bit more specific and is often used to describe rich, complex flavors. Finally, saikou is used to describe the absolute best of the best. No matter which word you choose, your Japanese friends are sure to be impressed!

2 Steps to Say Delicious In Japanese

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Step 1: The Phrase For “Delicious” In Japanese Is “Oishii.”

The phrase for delicious in Japanese is “oishii.” To say it out loud, start by saying the word “oishi,” which is the Japanese word for “nice.” Then, add the letter “i” to the end to form the word “oishii.” This word can be used to describe anything that tastes good, from food to drink to experiences.

Step 2: To Say “That Looks Delicious,” In Japanese Say “Sore Wa Oishii Desu Ne?”

To say “that looks delicious,” in Japanese say “sore wa oishii desu ne?” First, identify the object that you think is delicious looking. Second, say “sore wa” followed by the descriptor “oishii.” Finally, express your sentiment by saying “desu ne?” which conveys that you think it looks delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Yum Yum In Japanese?

In Japanese, the word for “yum yum” is “oishii.”

How Do You Say Good Food In Japan?

In Japanese, you say “oishii” to say good food.

In Summary

In order to say “delicious” in Japanese, you would say “oishii” or “umai”. These phrases both mean “delicious” in Japanese, and are used to describe food that tastes good.

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