How To Say Delicious In Thai

Assuming you would like a brief introduction on how to say delicious in Thai: One way to say delicious in Thai is “อร่อยดี” (pronounced ah-rowy dee). This phrase can be used to describe the taste of food, as well as the appearance of something. For example, if you see a beautiful sunset, you can say “อร่อยดีมาก” (ah-rowy dee mak, pronounced ah-rowy dee mahk), which means “it looks delicious.” Another way to say delicious in Thai is “ห

2 Steps to Say Delicious In Thai

There are many ways to say delicious in Thai, but one of the most common is “อร่อยดี” (pronounced “ar-roy dee”). This phrase can be used to describe both food and drink, and is often used as a compliment to the chef or cook. Other ways to say delicious in Thai include “หวานนำ” (pronounced “waan-num”), which literally means “sweet leading”, and “มันหวาน” (pronounced “mun-waan”), which means “it’s sweet”.

Learning how to say delicious in Thai can be important for many reasons. For one, it can allow you to enjoy Thai food to its fullest potential. It can also help you connect with the Thai culture on a deeper level, and potentially make new friends. Moreover, learning how to say delicious in Thai can also be a helpful tool for traveling in Thailand, as it will allow you to better communicate with locals.

Step 1: The Word For ‘Delicious’ In Thai Is อร่อย

The word for ‘delicious’ in Thai is อร่อย. To say it, you take the first letter of each word in the Thai alphabet and put them together.

Step 2: The Word Is Pronounced ‘Aroy’

The word ‘delicious’ in Thai is pronounced ‘aroy’. To say it, you need to break the word down into syllables. The first syllable is ‘a’, the second syllable is ‘roy’, and the third syllable is ‘d’. To say the word, you should start by saying the first syllable, ‘a’, then move on to the second syllable, ‘roy’, and finally end on the third syllable, ‘d’.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Jing Jing In Thai?

In Thai, Jing Jing refers to the youngest female in a family.

What Does Mak Mak Mean In Thai?

Mak Mak is a Thai word that means “to eat”.

To Summarize

In order to say “delicious” in Thai, one would say, “ka-reuuay ka-reuuay.” This phrase directly translates to “very delicious.”

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