How To Say Drinking Straw In Spanish

In Spanish, the word for drinking straw is “pajita.” To say “straw” in Spanish, you would say “paja.” Paja can also mean “hay,” so be careful not to mix up the two words.

1 Steps to Say Drinking Straw In Spanish

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to say drinking straw in Spanish will vary depending on the context in which it is being used. However, some possible translations of drinking straw into Spanish could include tubo de beber, tubo de sorber, pajilla, or popote.

In order to be fluent in Spanish, it is important to learn how to say common words and phrases. Drinking straw in Spanish is “pajita” and is used just like the English word “straw.”

Step 1: A Drinking Straw Is A Thin, Flexible Tube Used To Suck Liquid From A Container In Spanish, It Is Called “El Sorbo” El Sorbo Can Be Used To Describe Both The Straw Itself And The Act Of Drinking From It

To say “drinking straw” in Spanish, you would say “el sorbo.” This word can be used to describe both the straw itself and the act of drinking from it. To use the straw, simply place the end in your mouth and suck the liquid up through the straw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do They Call A Straw In Spain?

A straw in Spain is called a pajilla.

Can I Have A Straw In Spanish Mexico?

In Spanish Mexico, the word for straw is “paja.” If you ask for a straw in a restaurant or bar, the server will likely bring you a small bundle of straws wrapped in paper.


There are two ways to say “drinking straw” in Spanish: “pajilla” and “caña de pescar”. Both words have slightly different meanings, but both refer to the same object. “Pajilla” is more commonly used in Spain, while “caña de pescar” is more commonly used in Latin America.

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