How To Say Dutch In Dutch

There is no one definitive way to say “how to say Dutch in Dutch.” However, one possible approach would be to say “hoe spreek je Nederlands,” which means “how do you speak Dutch?”

How To Say Dutch In Dutch

In Dutch, “hoe zeg je dat in het Nederlands” is how you say “How do you say that in Dutch?”

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  • Say the word “doei” which means goodbye
  • Say “zoals gewoonlijk” which means as usual
  • Say “dank je wel” which means thank you

There are a few different ways to say “How to say Dutch in Dutch” in Dutch, depending on how formal or casual you want to be. The most formal way would be “Hoe spreek je Nederlands?” or “Wat is de juiste uitspraak van Nederlands?” The more casual way would be “Hoe zeg je ‘Nederlands’ in het Nederlands?” or “Wat is de Nederlandse

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Speak Dutch?

In Dutch, you say “spreken Nederlands.”

Where Can I Learn To Speak Dutch?

There are a few options for learning Dutch. Duolingo is a free online platform that offers lessons in Dutch. There are also many language schools that offer courses in Dutch, and many universities offer degrees in Dutch language and culture.

What Are Common Dutch Phrases?

Some common Dutch phrases are “Waar ben je naartoe?” which means “Where are you going?”, “Dankjewel” which means “Thank you”, and “Ik spreek Nederlands” which means “I speak Dutch”.

Taking Everything Into Account

In Dutch, “hoe spreek je Nederlands?” means “how do you say Dutch?” The answer is “Nederlands” in Dutch.

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