How To Say English In Korean

There is no one definitive way to say English in Korean. However, there are a few ways that are more common than others. In general, you can say English by using the word “Ing-glish” or by using the word “Ee-ng-glish.”

How To Say English In Korean

There is no one definitive answer to this question as everyone may have their own preferences for how to say English words in Korean. However, some tips on how to say English words in Korean may include using the Korean word “Anglika” (아nglika) followed by the English word, or using the Korean word “Inglise” (인기스) which is specifically used to mean “English.” Additionally, when speaking in a formal

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  • If the word ends in a vowel, add
  • Pronounce the english word
  • Place the korean word in front of the english word
  • Conjugate the korean word according to the subject’s gender and number

1. Pronunciation is key when learning how to say English words in Korean. Make sure to practice the correct pronunciation of each word, and listen to recordings to get a sense of the correct pronunciation. 2. There are some sounds in English that do not exist in Korean, so be sure to learn how to make these sounds before trying to speak English in Korean. For example, the “th” sound is not found in Korean, so you will need to make an “s

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Speak Any English In Korean?

Yes, I can speak a little English in Korean. It’s not perfect, but I can communicate with native English speakers.

How Do You Say Okay In Korean?

네 (ne)

What Is Majayo Korean?

Majayo is a Korean dish made from fermented soybean paste, flour, and water. It is typically eaten as a condiment or side dish.


There are many ways to say “English” in Korean. You can say “Ang-i-le-seo” or “Ing-glish” or any other variant depending on what sounds best to you. Just make sure to practice saying it correctly so that you can properly communicate with others who speak Korean!

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