How To Say Enjoy In Hawaiian

In Hawaiian, the word for “enjoy” is pāʻani. To say “enjoy your meal” in Hawaiian, you would say pāʻani i kou mea ʻai.

1 Steps to Say Enjoy In Hawaiian

In Hawaiian, the word for enjoy is hana. There are many ways to say enjoy in Hawaiian. One way to say it is e ai kou makemake. This means that you want something. Another way to say it is e hoi pu ia oe. This means that you are enjoying something.

In Hawaiian culture, learning how to say “enjoy” is important because it is a way to show respect to others. It is also a way to show appreciation for what someone has done for you. By learning how to say “enjoy” in Hawaiian, you will be able to communicate with others in a respectful and appreciative way.

Step 1: The Phrase “Aloha Au Iā ‘Oe” Is Translated To “I Love You” The Phrase “Aloha Kākou” Is Translated To “Hello Everyone” The Phrase “Aloha Wau Iā ‘Oe” Is Translated To “I Miss You”

The phrase “aloha au iā ‘oe” is translated to “i love you.” The phrase “aloha kākou” is translated to “hello everyone.” The phrase “aloha wau iā ‘oe” is translated to “i miss you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Happy In Hawaiian?

The Hawaiian word for “happy” is “aloha.”

What Does Komo Mai?

Komo Mai is a Hawaiian phrase that means “come in.”

What Does Mahalo For Your Kokua?

Mahalo for your kokua means thank you for your help.

How Do You Answer Mahalo?

Mahalo is a Hawaiian word that means thank you.


In Hawaiian, the word for “enjoy” is “aloha.” The word is used to express love, affection, and kindness. It can also be used as a greeting or farewell.

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