How To Say Enjoy Your Meal In French

In France, it is customary to say “bon appétit” before starting to eat. You can also say “enjoy your meal” or “buon appetito” in French. If you are the one who is cooking the meal, you would say “bon appetit” to the person who is about to eat it.

2 Steps to Say Enjoy Your Meal In French

Bon appetit!

It is always polite to know how to say “enjoy your meal” in the language of the country you are visiting. It shows you are interested in the culture and are willing to make an effort to learn some of the language. It may also come in handy if you are ever in a restaurant and the menu is in French. If you know how to say “enjoy your meal” in French, you can ask the waiter for help in ordering.

Step 1: The Phrase “Enjoy Your Meal” Is Translated To “Bon Appétit” In French. “Bon Appétit” Is A Common French Phrase Used To Wish Someone A Good Appetite Before A Meal

To say “enjoy your meal” in French, you would say “bon appétit.” This is a common French phrase used to wish someone a good appetite before a meal.

Step 2: The Word “Bon” Means “Good” And The Word “Appétit” Means “Appetite.”

When you are ready to eat your meal, you can say “Bon appétit!” to your guests. This is a polite way to let them know that they can start eating. You can also say “Bon appétit!” to yourself when you are ready to start eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do They Say In France Before Eating?

In France, they say “bon appétit” before eating.

How Do You Say Enjoy Your Meal?

You say “Enjoy your meal!”

In The End

When dining in a French-speaking country, it is polite to say “enjoy your meal” once your food has been served. The phrase can be translated to “bon appétit” in French. Saying this phrase shows that you are grateful for the meal that has been given to you and that you are looking forward to eating it.

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