How To Say Expensive In Japanese

The word for expensive in Japanese is “takai.” This word can be used to describe the price of something, or how valuable it is. For example, you might say “このジュースは高いです” to say “this juice is expensive.”

3 Steps to Say Expensive In Japanese

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Assuming you would like a one paragraph answer: It is important to learn how to say expensive in Japanese as it is a key word in the language. By learning how to say expensive in Japanese, you will be able to better communicate with native speakers and understand what they are talking about. Additionally, knowing this word will allow you to more accurately describe things when speaking Japanese.

Step 1: The Phrase For “Expensive” In Japanese Is “Takai.”

The phrase for expensive in Japanese is “takai.” To say it, you take the word for expensive, “takai,” and add the appropriate particle, “ga.” So, the phrase would be “takai ga.”

Step 2: To Say Something Is “Very Expensive,” You Would Say “Takai Desu.”

To say “something is very expensive” in Japanese, you would say “takai desu.” Takai means “expensive,” and desu is a copula that essentially turns the adjective into a verb phrase meaning “is.” Therefore, “takai desu” translates to “is expensive.”

Step 3: You Can Also Say “Kusai” To Mean “Expensive,” Or “Oishii” To Mean “Delicious.”

In order to say “expensive” in Japanese, you can say “kusai.” You can also use the word “oishii” to mean “delicious.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The I-Adjectives In Japanese?

Some I-adjectives in Japanese are: いい (ii) – good, かわいい (kawaii) – cute, うそみたい (usomitai) – like it’s a lie, きれい (kirei) – pretty, and なんでもない (nandemonai) – doesn’t matter.

What Is Takai In Japanese?

Takai is a word typically used in the Kyoto dialect of Japanese, and has a range of meanings including “high”, “expensive” and “rare”.

Is Yumei A Na-Adjective?

Yes, Yumei is a na-adjective, meaning “dreamy.”


There are a few ways to say “expensive” in Japanese. The most common way is 大変高い(taihen takai), which can be translated to “very expensive.” Other phrases include 高級品(koukyuuhin) or “luxury item,” and 金持ち(kanemochi) or “rich.”

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