How To Say Eyes In Spanish

The easiest way to say “eyes” in Spanish is “ojos.” However, there are a few other ways to say it, depending on the context. For example, you could also say “los ojos” or “miradas.”

4 Steps to Say Eyes In Spanish

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Assuming you would like a one paragraph answer: Learning how to say eyes in Spanish is important for several reasons. For one, it is a very common word that you will need to know in order to have basic conversations. Additionally, knowing how to say eyes in Spanish can help you better describe people and objects when speaking or writing in Spanish. Finally, learning this word can also help you better understand grammar concepts in Spanish.

Step 1: The Word For “Eyes” In Spanish Is “Ojos”

To say “eyes” in Spanish, you would say “ojos”. Pronouncing “ojos” is relatively easy – simply say the English word “hose” with a slight emphasis on the “j” sound. Remember that the plural form of “ojos” is still “ojos”, so there’s no need to change the word when referring to more than one eye.

Step 2: To Say “I Have Blue Eyes”, You Would Say “Tengo Ojos Azules” In Spanish

To say “i have blue eyes”, you would say “tengo ojos azules”.

Step 3: To Say “I Have Brown Eyes”, You Would Say “Tengo Ojos Marrones” In Spanish

To say “I have brown eyes” in Spanish, you would say “tengo ojos marrones.” To say this phrase, you would use the pronoun “I” (yo), the verb “to have” (tener), and the adjective “brown” (marrones) to describe the eyes.

Step 4: If You Want To Say “Your Eyes Are Beautiful”, You Would Say “Tus Ojos Son Hermosos” In Spanish

Eyes in Spanish is “ojos”. To say “your eyes are beautiful”, you would say “tus ojos son hermosos”.


The Spanish word for “eyes” is “ojos”. The word is pronounced “oh-hoes”.

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