How To Say Farted In Spanish

There are a few ways to say “farted” in Spanish. One way is to say “me cago” which is literally translated to “I sh*t.” This is considered to be a very vulgar way to say it. Another way to say it is “he/she broke wind,” which would be “rompió el viento.”

6 Steps to Say Farted In Spanish

One way is to say “hacer pedos,” which literally means “to make farts.” Another way is to say “echar un pedo,” which means “to fart.”

In a world where Spanish is becoming increasingly more common, learning how to say “farted” in Spanish is an important skill to have. Not only will it come in handy in day-to-day conversation, but it will also be a valuable asset if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to fart and there’s no English speaker around to help translate. There are a few different ways to say “farted” in Spanish, depending on the context. One way is to say “he/she/it eructed,” which just means “he/she/it belched.” Another way is to say “he/she/it broke wind,” which is a more literal translation of the English phrase

Step 1: It Is A Reflexive Verb

The Spanish verb for fart is ‘petar’. The conjugation for this verb is regular, so it is easy to remember. To say ‘I farted’, you would say ‘yo peté’.

Step 2: The Direct Object Pronoun Is “Se”

In Spanish, the direct object pronoun “se” can be used to say “farted”. For example, if you wanted to say “I farted”, you would say “Yo se he.”

Step 3: The Indirect Object Pronoun Is “Le”

The indirect object pronoun “le” is used to say “to him” or “to her” in Spanish. When used in the context of farting, it would typically be used to say “He farted” or “She farted”.

Step 4: It Is Conjugated In The 3Rd Person Singular, Present Tense

The Spanish word for “farted” is “eructó.” It is conjugated in the third person singular, present tense. To say “he/she/it farted,” you would say “eructó.”

Step 5: The Ending Is “A”

The ending “a” makes the imperfect indicative mood in Spanish which is used to describe an action that happened in the past. This would be the translation for “farted” in Spanish.

Step 6: It Means “To Fart”

In Spanish, the word for fart is “pedo.” To say “I farted,” you would say “yo pedo.”


There is no one definitive way to say “farted” in Spanish. Depending on the region, you may hear any of the following expressions: “puso,” “hizo,” “echó,” or “expelió.” Ultimately, it’s up to the speaker to choose the term that feels most comfortable and natural.

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