How To Say Feel In Spanish

In Spanish, there are a variety of words that can be used to express how one feels. The word “sentir” is often used to mean “to feel,” and it can be used in a variety of ways depending on the context. For example, “sentirse” can be used to mean “to feel oneself,” “to feel,” or “to be.” Additionally, there are other words that can be used to express different emotions, such as “emocionar

How To Say Feel In Spanish

In Spanish, “sentir” is the verb used to say “to feel.” To say “I feel (something),” you would say “Yo siento (algo).”

-To say “I feel” in Spanish, you would say “Yo siento.”

  • Then, say “yo siento” in spanish
  • First, say “i feel” in english

1. How to say feel in Spanish? The word for “feel” in Spanish is “sentir”. To say “I feel sick”, you would say “Yo siento enfermo/a”.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Como Él Dice In English?

How does he say it in English?

¿Cómo Estás Mean In Spanish?

“Cómo estás?” means “How are you?” in Spanish. “Mean” can have a few meanings, but in this context it would mean “cruel” or “unkind.” So, “Cómo estás mean?” would mean “How are you being cruel/unkind?”

¿Cómo Se Mean In Spanish?

How do you say “mean” in Spanish? You say ” mean” in Spanish the same way you say it in English.

In Closing

In Spanish, there are various words to express how someone feels. The most common words are “sentir” and “estar”. “Sentir” is used when talking about an emotion, while “estar” is used when describing how a person is feeling physically.

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