How To Say French In French

To say “french” in french, you would say “français”.

4 Steps to Say French In French

To say “french” in french, you would say “française”.

Learning how to speak French can be incredibly important for many people. For those who live in France or have family in France, being able to communicate in the native language can make life much easier. Even for those who don’t have any personal connection to France, learning French can be incredibly beneficial. France is a major global player in many industries, so being able to speak the language can give you a significant leg up in business. Additionally, French is a beautiful language with a rich history and culture, so learning it can be a deeply rewarding experience.

Step 1: How To Say “Hello” In French

To say “hello” in French, first say “bonjour” followed by the person’s name. If you don’t know the person’s name, you can say “bonjour, monsieur” (for a man) or “bonjour, madame” (for a woman).

Step 2: How To Say “Goodbye” In French

Saying goodbye in French is actually not that difficult. The most common way to say goodbye in French is “au revoir” (oh-rev-wahr). You can also say “salut” (sa-loo), which is more informal. If you want to be really formal, you can say “adieu” (a-dyooh).

Step 3: How To Say “Thank You” In French

Thank you in French is “merci”. You can say “merci” by itself as a standalone phrase, or you can add it to other phrases such as “merci beaucoup” (thank you very much) or “je vous remercie” (thank you (formal)).

Step 4: How To Say “I Love You” In French

There is no one definitive way to say “I love you” in French, but there are several common phrases that can be used. One way to say it is “Je t’aime,” which translates to “I love you.” Another common phrase is “Je t’adore,” which means “I adore you.” For a more formal declaration of love, you could say “Je vous aime,” which is the plural form of “Je t’aime.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is French In French Feminine?

The French word for “French” is “français” and it is masculine.

What Do French Call French?

The French call their language “le français.”

What Do French People Call French Language?

The French call their language “le français.”

Is Français Same As French?

Yes, français and French are the same language.

In Summary

There are a few different ways to say “French” in French, all of which have slightly different nuances. You can say “français” to refer to the language, “français(e)” to refer to a person who is from France or speaks French, or “française” to refer to the French culture.

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