How To Say Friend In Asl

There are a few different ways to sign “friend” in American Sign Language (ASL). One way to sign it is by tracing the letter F on your chest with one hand, while making the sign for “person” with the other hand. Another way to sign it is by taking the “B” handshape and placing it on your cheek, then quickly moving it away. If you’re signing to someone who is Deaf or hard of hearing, you can also add the sign for “like” or “love” after signing “friend.” This will help ensure that your meaning is clear.

1 Steps to Say Friend In Asl

There are a few different ways to sign “friend” in ASL. One way is to use the sign for “person” and then add the sign for “like” or “love.” Another way is to use the sign for “companion” or “associate.” You can also use the sign for “good” or “best” followed by the sign for “person.”

There are many reasons why learning how to say friend in American Sign Language (ASL) is important. For one, it can help you communicate with deaf or hard of hearing people. Additionally, signing friend in ASL can help you remember the sign for the word and improve your ASL vocabulary. Finally, learning how to sign friend in ASL can show others that you are open to communication with people who use ASL, which can help create a more inclusive environment.

Step 1: How To Say “Friend” In Asl: 1. Use The Sign For “Friend” 2. Gesture Toward The Person You Are Talking To 3. Use A Facial Expression That Shows That You Are Happy To See The Person

To say “friend” in ASL, you would use the sign for “friend” and gesture toward the person you are talking to. You would also use a facial expression that shows that you are happy to see the person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Give Me A Kiss In Asl?

In ASL, “give me a kiss” would be expressed as “give me a hug.”

What Does Tapping Two Fingers Together Mean In Asl?

This is an ASL sign for “I love you.”

What Does Kissing Hand Mean In Asl?

Kissing the hand is a gesture of respect.

What Does Blowing A Kiss In Asl Mean?

In ASL, blowing a kiss is a way of saying goodbye, or expressing affection.


There are many ways to say “friend” in American Sign Language (ASL). Some common ways include “friend,” “buddy,” “pal,” and “acquaintance.” Each term has a slightly different meaning, but they all typically refer to someone with whom you have a friendly relationship.

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