How To Say Friend In German

In German, there are two words for “friend,” which are “Freund” and “Freundin.” The word “Freundin” is used specifically for female friends, while the word “Freund” can be used for both male and female friends. To say “friend” in German, you would say “Freund/Freundin.”

How To Say Friend In German

In German, there are two words for “friend.” The first word is “Freund,” which is the more formal word for friend. The second word is “Kumpel,” which is a less formal word for friend.

There is no one definitive way to say “friend” in German. Some common translations are “Freund,” “Kamerad,” and “Genosse.”

  • Say “freund”
  • Add “chen” to the end of “freund” to create the informal form of “friend” which is “freundin”

How to say “friend” in German: Freund

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Friend Feminine In German?

The word “Freund” is masculine in German.

What Gender Is The Word Friend In German?

In German, the word for “friend” can be either masculine or feminine.

What Do You Call Friends In German?

There is no one word for “friends” in German, but rather a variety of words which can be used depending on the relationship between the people involved. For example, “Freunde” typically refers to close friends, while “Bekannte” or “Kollegen” might be used for more casual acquaintances.

In Closing

There are a few different ways to say “friend” in German. The most common way is “Freund”. You can also say “Kumpel”, which has a more casual connotation, or “BFF” which is the abbreviation for “best friends forever”.

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